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My name is Geoff Chrysler and I LOVE what I do!


I was raised with a passion for meticulous auto restoration and attention to detail. 

My late Father Richard Chrysler was distinguished as an international authority on restoring Austin Healeys, becoming one of the founders of the concours committee & guidelines.

From a young age I was taught the arts of concours level auto restoration and doing things the Rightway. 

As an accomplished artist, builder, craftsman, and scale modeler, I eventually learned the arts of upholstery and trimming; what better way to tie all of my skills and passions together!


For over 20yrs now I have been working as a distinguished auto trimmer, pattern maker, and upholsterer for some of the leading trim and restoration shops in the world.  

We also produce and offer a full line of the most accurate Austin Healey Upholstery & Trim available today for customers world wide - our Healey trim is second to none!  - I'm even an official member of the Austin Healey Concours Committee.

With passion, product knowledge, historical research, and attention to detail,  we're  committed to providing the highest standard of professional auto trimming.

Whether you just need to get your seats upgraded, fit a new top, or you want your entire interior to be professionally made and installed.   We are well experienced in using most of the leading trim materials and kits available today, and can work with you to get the results you're looking for. We are committed to customer satisfaction and stunning results.

We are located in beautiful Victoria/Langford BC, just off the Hwy 1 on Amy Rd.

Please send us an e-mail or phone call with your needs. We're here to answer your questions. 


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