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BN1 - BN2


Our BN1 & BN2 interior kits are all hand made to original specifications in every detail, we've sourced all the correct materials in the correct original colours.

All products and prices listed below in white:

Descriptions shown in yellow:

All prices shown in Canadian Dollars!

Our BN1 & BN2 kits are available in all of the variations of interior trim patterns found as the 100's production evolved,

Our panels are all hand crafted out of Birch Plywood with correct vynide trimming. Available with very either pocket piping, non-stitched pockets, or later stitched pockets. Complete with Furflex draft seals, and thin suede-like material stitched to the inner pocket as original

Our jute insulation kits are in 1/4" black coated jute as original...

Our overmats come with a non slip backing, bound around the edges with the Austin heel pad..
We also offer the correct looking paper heater demister vent hoses..

Complete Vynide panels kit - $1100.

Demister hoses: $120

Jute insulation set: $249

Overmats: $350

Firewall tar paper (2pc - BN1/2): $45.

Floor tarpaper set: $45.

Original spec. rad hoses (pair): $105

'Karvel' (or wool) Carpet set: $690

Seat trimming labour: $850.

Our carpet sets come with all the pieces of Karvel, cut with  correct grain orientation, 'Austin' heel pad on the drivers mat, and snaps

We offer all of the variations of original tunnel trim including the 3 styles of BN1 tunnels, as well as BN2, all in original Karvel carpet...

Armrest BN1 or BN2 (leather pleats): $280

Our center armrests are made in the correct dimensions for BN1 or BN2 with leather pleats and vynide sides and piping...

Leather faced seat covers (incl. hidem & vinyl frame covers: $1480.

Our seat covers are made using either authentic Connolly leather, or other quality European leather options and proper English vynide for the frames, back, hidem, and piping.

Seat foam sets: $380

Our seat foams are made in the same shape as the original 'Dunlopilo' with square cutouts included in the bottoms to give them a softer feel just as the originals...

We can sometimes even restore your original trim to get a few more years of use...

100/S style leather seat covers (includes vinyl covered back panel): $1550.

We also offer 100/S style seats with folding or fixed backrests...

Rear Cockpit Armacord set (BN1 early or late, or BN2): $495

Our rear cockpit Armacord sets include all the necessary pieces 'hand bound' as original, with wheel arch covers, and the option of either early BN1 'fat' spare wheel bag or, the later more slender ones...

Armacord Boot kit (early BN1, or late BN1/BN2): $599.

Our Armacord boot kits are available with either the early BN1 narrow style mats, or later BN1/BN2 style...

Tool bag: $200,  Jack bag: $75,  Handles bag: $65,  Wheel strap: $120.

We offer all the original accessory bags for side curtains, tools, jack, and handles; made in the proper materials with correct hardware. We even offer the handmade leather wheel strap with black buckle.

Side screen bag: $80.

Side screens (early BN1, or Late BN1/BN2)- no hardware incl.: $680.

Our BN1 'style 2' and later BN1/BN2 'style 3' side curtains, made in Everflex vinyl exactly as original. We do not yet supply the steel frames or chromes.

Tonneau cover - Everflex, lightning zip (Early BN1, or late BN1/2): $1250.

Our tonneau covers are available in both early and later styles with the correct size and colour of zipper with the 'Lightning' zipper pull as original..

Top - Everflex, incl. webbing: $1850.

We now produce our own tops in correct English Everflex, with the correct hand rolled binding. We'll even install the original style aluminum tabs in the front corners!

Some helpful installation videos:

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