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BJ7 - BJ8

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We offer all the OE embossing on our BJ8 vinyl interiors, with 'chrome' piping on the seats, or leather covers if you prefer.

Product prices listed below in White:

Descriptions shown in yellow:

Prices shown in Canadian Dollars!

Our panel kits come complete with hand made new panels, fully trimmed and ready to install.

Specify if you want OE embossing on your BJ8 rear panels..

We cover all the variations of BJ7, BJ8 phase1, and BJ8 phase2 interior details...

Complete vinyl panels kit (BJ7 or BJ8): $1495.

'Karvel' or Wool carpet set: $860.

Our carpet sets are available in OE Karvel or Wilton Wool and come complete with correct hardware and 'Austin' heel pad on drivers mat.

BJ8 ph.1 Armrest: $160.

BJ7 doors:

BJ8 doors:

BJ8 Embossed-vinyl, OR Leather Seat Covers: $1450.

Over-Mats, (pair) non-slip backing, bound, 'Austin' heelpad: $350

BJ7 'Keystone' Armrest: $195.

BJ7 Leather seat covers: $1450.

Our vinyl BJ8 seats are correctly embossed and are made with chrome perimeter piping as original. Leather seat covers are also available if you prefer -

Front seats trimming labour: $750.

BJ8 rear seat kits (backrest & cushion covers) Leather or Embossed Vinyl: $1300.

Rear folding wood backrest assemblies can be supplied with all new wood, or we can restore your original one - Fully trimmed and finished as original!

Rear seats trimming labour (incl. backrest) $750.

Boot Armacord kit: $450.

Top 'Boot' Cover (Everflex or Stayfast): $1600.

Tonneau Cover (Everflex or Stayfast): $1600.

'Robbins' Top, Everflex or Stayfast, incl. webbing & hardware: $1500.

We proudly sell Robbins tops in English Everlex for a correct fit and feel. We can supply new cloth webbing, and re-cover your original wood cantrails in off white vinyl too.

Cream vinyl covers for top frame wood cantrails $60.

Top frame woven grey seal kit: $300.

'Bristleflex' door seals $325.

Lumbar support cushions in matching leather/vinyl: $250.

BJ8 ph.2 Armrest: $140

Trimming a BJ8 video:

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