BN4 - BT7


Our BN4 & BT7 interior kits are hand made to original specifications in all the correct materials and colours. We offer all of the original trim details found as they evolved from early Longbridge production, through later Abingdon production.

Screen Shot 2021-01-07 at 4.08.08 PM.png
Original trim for BN4/BT7 roadsters

Our door panels are each hand crafted out of Birch Plywood with thin padding trimmed in English vynide, then stitched around the pockets as original. We also include the 3 inner door panels and upper cover to finish each door.

Our carpet sets are offered in OE Karvel or Wilton Wool, they're patterned and sewn exactly as the factory did with binding only found in a few places on the tunnel. The drivers mat comes complete with a rubber "Austin" heelpad

We offer all 3 original styles of center armrests, the early Longbridge saddle type, the rare 1958 "shorty" saddle type, and the later Abingdon keystone design that was sewn to the carpet...

Our seat covers are available in both the early "Longbridge" style (same as 100/4) and the later Abingdon design.  Available in authentic Connolly leather!

Our rear seat kits are available in OE vynide/vinyl, or leather if you prefer. We can provide new wood backrests if needed with either early Longbridge or later Abingdon configurations

We offer both styles of rear quarter panels for early BN4, or later BN4/BT7, fully trimmed in OE vynide.

Our boot Armacord kits are hand bound as original and come with replacement black panel boards for covering the filler neck. Available in all the original colours on early BN4, or black for later cars...

We produce our tonneau covers by hand to our specs, including our custom OE "Lightning" zippers to make them just right!

We proudly offer Robbins tops that we have made to order in English Everflex vinyl with hand rolled binding as original.

New wood dash top panels are available fully trimmed or just the covers if you'd prefer to use your original.

We can also re-trim your dash facia, seats or anything else you want to send us..

We also offer all the factory stowage bags for side screens, and tools - made to concours standard